Meet Afrika Tikkun Social Worker, Makwena Ramoroka

Makwena Ramoroka was raised by a single mother doing subsistence farming in rural Limpopo. Growing up without a father he felt lost and alone especially when other children shared stories of their fathers. It was this need for a father figure in his life that made Makwena pursue a career in child and youth care. He knew children need all kinds of support, including emotional, financial and physical support in order to fulfill their potential.


“No one is aware of what children are going through, they are easily malleable and led astray making them the most vulnerable members of society. That is why I had to get involved and make an impact,” said Makwena. As a social worker at Afrika Tikkun Wings of Life, Makwena aims to change the mind-set that parents of our beneficiaries have towards parenting by ensuring that they are aware of and involved in the development of their children. “When parents are involved in the lives of their children, the challenges they face are reduced because they can share the load with their parents.” Watch this TED TALK on the link between fatherlessness and school violence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qi1oN1icAYc


Watch this video to see how remarkably Makwena and his team impacted on the life of one young man in 2017.

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