Seven habits

Seven habits of a highly effective kitchen supervisor

Julia Kgeledi joined Afrika Tikkun as the Centre Administrator in 2010 and is currently the Kitchen Supervisor. Over the years, she has become more aware of her potential as she was exposed to how she can grow as a person and an employee through training, various work projects, environments and people. Her love for growth and personal development saw her accomplish things she never imagined herself achieving before joining Afrika Tikkun.

This led her to apply for the post of Kitchen Supervisor. At times in the interview process, she felt she was not good enough, but with the moral support of her manager and the knowledge she had acquired from the Emotional Intelligence course, she was able to deal with the doubts in her mind. At the end of it all, she came out feeling empowered and more confident of her abilities to climb even higher mountains.

Julia’s continuous hunger for constant personal and professional growth led her to apply for the Aspiring Leadership Program (ALP). ALP as she put it, “was a boom”. Amongst the many things she learnt from the course was: understanding how organisations work, the hierarchy of Afrika Tikkun, understanding the larger aspect of financial literacy, presentation skills, speaking skills, transfer of knowledge  and so much more.

Julia said the course helped her to help her team understand that one’s duties goes beyond “just doing”, to being very intentional that every action is well thought through. For example, she explained, it’s important to understand the nutritional value of each and every ingredient that is being used in the preparation of food in the kitchen.

One of the topics she loved from the course that she always strives to adapt into to her life is the “7 habits of highly effective people”. This taught her to cultivate the habit of listening and understanding someone in order to be understood. She feels appreciative of the platforms that Afrika Tikkun has given her for continuous growth and development.

Julia is looking forward to growing and doing better in the year 2018.

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