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Alumni programmes offer many benefits, not least of all to economies struggling with unemployment. They allow organisations to communicate, engage and support their alumni network and for that network of individuals to support each other. Alumni can become some of the most loyal advocates of the organisation and even go so far as to help fundraise for the cause. In addition, experienced alumni might decide to share their learnings with current students through a mentorship programme or job shadow opportunity.

With the launch of the new Alumni Programme, Afrika Tikkun aims to develop a comprehensive database of all former beneficiaries and achieve a target of 1,000 alumni sign ups by the end of 2018. We aim to connect and engage with alumni with a view to understanding their needs and value expectations, and then to keep in touch with alumni for networking, sharing of experiences and mutual support of one another as they pursue their career paths. Furthermore, we would like to inspire and encourage alumni to become mentors, volunteers, ambassadors, donors or access to donors and warm leads.

Afrika Tikkun has four parts to their determination to resolve youth unemployment. One is the Cradle-to-Career 360˚ model in its entirety. The second are our five Centres of Excellence in Orange Farm, Alexandra, Diepsloot, Braampark and Mfuleni. The third is our dedicated facility for job training. The Alumni Programme is a part of this objective, as it furthers our goal to curb youth unemployment amongst anyone who has been part of Afrika Tikkun at any time.

We are really excited about what this programme can do for both our graduates as well as the organisation.

Were you ever a part of Afrika Tikkun’s programmes in Alexandra, Diepsloot, Orange Farm, Braamfontein or Mfuleni in the Cape?


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