Going For Gold

Khanya Sibanda Belron Triathletes reflects on his 2016 trip and future plans

My name is Khanya Sibanda, I am 20 years old and I have been with Afrika Tikkun for 14 years. I went to the UK for the Spirit of Belron Challenge in 2016. When I got there, wow! It felt like the Fifa World Cup – you get these different teams from Belron international coming from all over the globe. I got a chance to learn about all the aspects in which Belron is contributing to Afrika Tikkun. Going to London was one of God’s greatest masterpieces for me. It’s safe to say that up until today, the Spirit of Belron Challenge trip is definitely one of the best trips I’ve ever been on, and one of the most informative trips I’ve ever been on. I learnt a lot about the different companies that contribute to Afrika Tikkun and how they function as a business.

In a business you’re not just a team, that’s what I’ve been taught. I was taught that in business you look out for the people that you work with – they’re your family because you enter this business world together. 

They also taught me the key factor of giving back to the community through their projects and initiatives. Maitland (division of Belron) has completely drilled that system into my head, and for the fact that it was two years ago, and the fact that I still remember it today, it has definitely impacted me as a person.

I am currently doing my finals in a degree in graphic design, and my current work is as a drumming coach for the Uthando Centre. My future plans is to be an athlete. I want to participate in the 2020 Olympics which will happen in Tokyo. I’m attempting to rap out two races – 800 metres and the 1.5, which is in the Track and Field Division.

I’d like to thank Belron and all the other participating sponsors that are sponsoring Afrika Tikkun. Without you guys I wouldn’t be sitting here today. Thank you for harnessing my abilities – intellectually, physically, athletically, mentally! You have created a whole new person in me and for that I will represent you well and with honour. Thank you.

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