Spelling Bee 2018

Afrika Tikkun’s Spelling Bee Championship develops academic excellence, a spirit of competition and a sense of achievement in its children and young people. It teaches spelling, language, grammar, comprehension and even history.

It instils pride and self- confidence. Be a part of growing our next generation of achievers and champions, and encouraging a culture of learning in South African townships. Support the Afrika Tikkun Spelling Bee Championship.

“Five extremely worthy finalists from each of the 4 age categories have earned the right to compete at the final stage of the Afrika Tikkun Spelling Bee Championship.Remember these children outlasted dozens of competitors to make it to this stage.One of these bright minds in each age category will win the title of Afrika Tikkun Spelling Bee Champion together with a range of donated prizes. Donate a email prize

Make their dreams come true!

Adopt the contestant you think is going to take the title of champion. Follow, share, like and donate. The Spelling Bee finalist with the most likes, shares and donations wins a prize for their Centre! All proceeds go to Afrika Tikkun and support the development of the 2500 children and young people benefitting from the Cradle to Career 360° programme during their school years.

Meet the Finalists

Keep up with the Campaign

Every Friday at 4pm our young people will live stream practice spelling sessions. Tune in on facebook (www.facebook/afrikatikkun) and give your finalists spelling tips and practice words to spell. Watch Ntando Mbikwana do a practice session at our Mfuleni Centre.

Afrika Tikkun Spelling Bee Championship

October 20 - 9am to 2pm

Join us on October 20 for the Spelling Bee Finals and support your finalist!

Would you like to help Afrika Tikkun make this day possible?
Supporting excellence in educational achievement is an investment that will bring sustained change to our country and help to end child poverty.

Spelling Bee Resources

Thinking of encouraging our kids? Here are some references to help you give our young people the best advice.

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esmvqf5ayx0
  2. https://www.cbsnews.com/pictures/competitive-secrets-every-spelling-bee-champ-knows/
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3tkupRVYOQ

    Spell like a Spelling Bee champ.
For more information on Afrika Tikkun and their initiatives call 011 325 5914, email info@afrikatikkun.org or visit www.afrikatikkun.org.

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