Alumni June Newsletter

Alumni Day 15 & 21 June 2019 a moment we won’t forget and celebrating our youth month

Over 600 Afrika Tikkun Alumni gathered on the 15th and 21st of June as part of the annual, Alumni Summit. The events offered a seminar talk on the 4th Industrial Revolution and the discussion exploring the opportunities available for  young people in the 4th Industrial Economy. Amongst the panelist, we had African Bank, National Empowerment Fund, and Cloudsmiths. Also, we presented success stories of young people that have found a gateway to be part of the new exciting economy. The event took place during our country’s youth month, a month known and put aside to celebrate and remember June 16, 1976. Our perspective is to continue celebrating the day and provide opportunities and a platform for young people to engage on youth development and access employment and entrepreneurial opportunities through our partners in corporate, youth development and academic institutions. 

Rising Stars Awards

Alumni Programme Wall of Fame!

Rising Stars Awards and Awardees 15 June 2019

Leadership Excellence Award 2019
Recipient: Khanya Sibanda, Uthando

The Most Committed Leader Award 2019
Recipient: Lindiwe Mabuya, Uthando

The Best Innovative Team of the Year 2019
Recipient: Uthando Centre, Braampark JHB

Responsible Kindness Award 2019
Recipient: Khuthatso Mabina, Phuthaditjaba

Most Promising Team in the Year 2020 Award
Recipient: Phuthaditjaba Centre, Alexandra Township

Most Supportive Facilitator of the Year 2019 Award
Recipient:  Maxwell Ndlovu, Arekopaneng

Next awards will take place at the Alumni Day 2020. Do miss the opportunity to shine and acknowledged for your contribution to the Alumni Programme.
Well done to all awardees!

On the 13th of June we organised a breakfast and meeting for our partners, donors and prospects. Marc Lubner took the audience through the highlights of 2018 with his annual review presentation and we had an external guest Musa Khalenga, talking about the 4th Industrial Revolution and what it means for organisations like Afrika Tikkun. We are very proud to have completed another Annual Review which can be viewed here.

Alumni Geared Up for Upcoming Talent Day Preps Semi-Finals 20 June 2019 Soccer and Netball Qualifier Games

City Year South Africa is looking for you to serve your community for a year!

City Year South Africa is the proud partner of Afrika Tikkun. This year, once again, City Year SA is looking for passionate young people to serve their communities you’re a year. Give a year and change the world


Go to City Year SA Website: www.cityyear.org.za

See through the eligibility requirements or your supporting documents

They include You!

Certified copy of your ID

Certified copy of your matric certificate, or if you are still in matric, a copy
of your latest statement of results

An updated copy of your CV

For more information email recruitsouthafrica@cityyear.org.za

Or call directly to 011 429 0300

Or call Afrika Tikkun:

+27 11 325 5914 or mail info@afrikatikkun.org

Are You Responsibly Kind

In the month of July we will be promoting the value Responsible Kindness. As Tikkuners we ought to live a life of responsible kindness, which involves far more than just simply being kind – it means that one has to be kind in a way that reflects the consciousness around being kind. In this way, we ensure that we are not creating ongoing dependency, but rather orient our kindness towards empowerment.


We would like to share with you an interesting article which we came across along our travels (the original comes from Kulula magazine, who would have thought!). It is an interesting insight on work happiness, written by Bruce Daisley entitled “Focus!  Click the following link to read more: https://afrikatikkun.org/2019/06/24/focus/

We can also expect the following exciting events and publications coming:

  1. Talent Day Prep Semi-Finals, 20 June 2019 (see poster above for more information)
  2. Talent day in Johannesburg & Cape Town – 20th in JHB and 27Th in CT
  3. Mandela Week where corporates and individuals volunteer at our centers – 15th -19th July
  4. My Afrika Magazine

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