A SUCCESSFUL BERTIE LUBNER LEGACY WEEK 2020 The Bertie Lubner Legacy Week continues to inspire young people to follow in the footsteps of this philanthropic giant, whose legacy still echoes in our hearts. Once again, the Alumni Network organized vibrant and educational events at all our centres. We had over 100 volunteers eager to give



Afrika Tikkun gets massive Internet upgrade from Workonline Communications boosting connectivity for thousands of learners across the country Workonline Communications, a pan-African, global Network Service Provider, has radically increased its long-term commitment to providing Internet facilities to Afrika Tikkun Centres of Excellence across South Africa.  The five centres, which benefit over nine thousand young people,


Why are human rights important to me – A view of Tumisang from Orange Farm

My name is Tumisang Mohoto, and I am a 17-year-old boy from Orange Farm. Human rights are basic principles that secure me from injustice, oppression and inequality. Through human rights we become better people, who do things at their fullest potential with no fear of facing injustices such as nepotism nor racism. These principles allow


Pretty Chaboyo Lehong

A young woman empowered  Pretty Chaboyo Lehong, 27, was looking forward to immersing herself in the job market after graduating from her mechanical engineering course. But instead, she was met with the bleak reality of unemployment. At the time, Pretty was also struggling in an abusive relationship. When the abuse became too much, she sought