Birthday Parties and Milestones in your life

There is no better way to celebrate your place in this world than to do so by remembering those who are less fortunate.

Whether it’s a bris or a baptism, a birthday, or a wedding, when you ask for donations in lieu of a gift you make your special day so much more memorable. Together with your community you create something of lasting value in honour of your life.

HOW: There are a few ways to do it, and we are here to assist.

  • Put it in your invitation. This insert can be dropped into an email invite. 28 days after your birthday we will send you a birthday fundraiser report showing how much was raised, and the difference it will make. This report can be shared with everyone who contributed.
  • Create a fundraiser for your special day on Facebook. They make it easy – here is a step-by-step guide.