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Across the world, brave people are joining the fight against COVID-19. We salute those on the front lines – the doctors and nurses, the emergency services, the technicians manning the testing centers and those bringing food and security to the nation.

But the fight is not theirs alone - everyone can play their part and make a difference. By wearing a mask and giving one to someone in need, we have the power to #FaceUpToCovid19 together!

Let’s unite and make sure the nation’s most vulnerable have reusable cloth face masks to help stop the spread of this virus.

R20 = 1 Mask

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Let’s #FaceUpToCovid19 together.

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Wearing a face mask won’t help protect you if you don’t practise handwashing, sanitizing and social distancing too!

Important safety tips when using a cloth face mask:

  • When you go out: ALWAYS WEAR A CLEAN CLOTH MASK. Wash one while you wear the other one!
  • Make sure you cover your mouth and nose properly and don’t touch your cloth mask while it’s on your face.
  • When you put on or take off your cloth mask, make sure your hands are clean and only touch the ties or elastic. DO NOT TOUCH THE INSIDE OR THE OUTSIDE of the cloth mask!
  • Only wear a dry cloth mask. When your cloth mask gets moist/wet, even if it’s just from your breath, it needs to be cleaned.
  • Wash your cloth mask immediately after removing it or keep it in a sealed plastic bag until you can wash it.
  • After washing it, keep it in a clean bag until you need it again. Let’s #FaceUpToCovid19 together.

How to clean your cloth mask:


Wash your cloth mask after you wear it by placing it in boiling water and handwashing it using a bar of washing soap once the water is cool enough, or wash it with regular detergent in a hot washing machine cycle (preferably 90°C)


Dry the cloth mask completely and then iron it if possible, or leave it in the sun for 30 minutes to remove any bacteria/viruses.

All the cloth masks are two layers of cotton and include a filter layer.
For more health and COVID-19 information visit www.health.gov.za

Let’s #FaceUpToCovid19 together.