You can help us to support young people with Android phones

Prior to the national lockdown, South Africa’s high youth unemployment rate was already a concerning reality. The coronavirus pandemic has likely worsened this scenario. Never has it been more important to support the training and development of the people who will lead us into the future.

Afrika Tikkun Services uses demand-driven training programs to assist our young candidates develop their marketability and eventually become economically empowered. Since the lockdown our training has shifted to online platforms, putting many candidates at risk of falling off the program due to lack of access to smart technology and data.

But YOU can help! By donating to this campaign and helping us reach our R750,000 target, you will be assisting a cohort of extremely committed candidates to complete their training and take their place in a modern economy.



For companies requiring a Section18A Tax Certificate, they can email Please send supporting documents, an invoice/ receipt ad include name of Company and details for donation/tax purposes.