2019 Message from Marc Lubner

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2019 Message from Marc Lubner

Published on: January 29th, 2019

Never work a day in your life when you love what you do!

Dear Fellow “Tikkuners”

As we start one of the most watershed years of the last two decades, we reflect on where we are today, and where we would like to be. We want peace and prosperity and have learnt that to have these, we need to wish and work for not just ourselves, but for all living in this paradise country.  We want to feel we matter in the world.  The way we experience this is by having a sense of purpose to our existence. In giving, we receive. In offering support for others, we experience a gratitude for all that we have.

Reflecting on the last year, we express our gratitude to you for enabling us to give alongside you and pray you experienced as much in return. Together, we made a significant difference not to… but with… over 20,000 beneficiaries who learnt or are on the path to taking responsibility for the outcome of their lives. Together with you, we fed over 800,000 meals to children, many of whom would only survive from these meals. Over 85% of “our” matriculants achieved pass rates and many will be entering institutions of higher learning, whilst over 1000 will enter into learnerships and work experience programmes, and a significant number will start small enterprises.

In the face of job security and growing youth unemployment, we are doing something significant in pioneering the Cradle to Career 360° model.

In 2019, we will strive for more together, and achieve even better results as we take our model to scale.  We are focusing on improving the standard of our ECD teachers, upgrading IT infrastructure and investing further in career skills training. By working directly with corporations who define their skills requirements, we will train and place ever increasingly productive youth in jobs for which they are well suited.  Skills training will translate increasingly into productive employment. The Afrika Tikkun team is motivated and driven by a passion to make a difference, knowing we have a lot to learn, but confident that we will positively impact the lives of thousands who, when they go to the polls to vote, will do so with a sense of responsibility and a knowledge that it is only through hard work, innovation and persistence, and not corruption, that success will be ours for the sharing.

I welcome you to journey alongside with us as true partners.



Each year, leading online Marketing and Advertising communication website, Bizcommunity, publishes its BizTrends feature for the new year. For 2019, Afrika Tikkun’s CEO, Marc Lubner was invited to deliver commentary on anticipated trends in the NGO sector for 2019. Read the article here: https://www.bizcommunity.com/Article/196/721/185934.html