Youth accelerator extension programme

Urban Agripreneurship

With a combined organisational focus on addressing the fragility of food security, encouraging entrepreneurship, and enabling woman-empowerment, Afrika Tikkun established the Agripreneurship Programme. Designed to sustainably equip young people with the means to both produce food for home consumption and earn an income, unemployed youth are trained in agricultural and entrepreneurial skills to turn their small-scale farms into profitable local urban micro-enterprises.

Technology Transforms Lives

The information technology fields have created valuable employment opportunities for youth with digital skills. The Afrika Tikkun Technology Transforms Lives programme implements accredited courses to address the digital divide that exists in disadvantaged districts across South Africa, ensuring that youth from these communities are no longer left behind, but are trained to match the job demand in the sector.
To maximise the learning experience of candidates and increase knowledge of the world of work in these fields, candidates are linked directly to an IT professional from Belron, one of Afrika Tikkun’s partners, through the Tech/IT Mentorship Programme.