Our young people deserve a competitive edge in this digital world.
Let’s prepare them for continuously changing learning and working environments.
The online delivery of programmes in our award-winning Cradle to Career 360° model is our primary priority.
This will ensure we’re able to scale up our programmes in different communities and reach many more vulnerable young people.

So far, we are proud to say we have:

Strengthening IT

Strengthened IT infrastructure and improved internet connectivity at our centres

Digital Libraries

Transformed our libraries to digital commons


Purchased 350 tablets for our young people which sharpens their digital skills and makes learning fun and interactive

Internal Processes

Digitized our internal processes to be more streamlined and efficient

But like technology itself,

there’s no stopping us. We’re planning to build on our achievements, in particular, to:

Learner Management System

Upload all content onto the Learner Management System – My Learning Hub

IT Infrastructure

Continue to improve IT infrastructure


Further develop our marketing, sales, project management and monitoring and evaluation tools