The Journey of Empowerment begins with us

Afrika Tikkun is your partner in transformative development. We grow, nurture and establish young lives from cradle to career with sustainable opportunities that really do matter. Our focus is to empower young people through trusted partner contributions – and our promise is to nourish our partnerships for the greater well being of our young people. We believe in kindness. We believe in impact. We believe in true empowerment.

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Quality of Education

Working together to impact together

Making an impact on the lives around us is by far our biggest reward at Afrika Tikkun. We seek to serve and we serve to impact – this is a kindness code we live by. By understanding the value of community, Afrika Tikkun also understands the importance of family. This is why we make it a priority to focus on growing our own people with care and attention, whilst recognising the



21.2m meals served

Early Child Development

30 414 young people reached through our Early Child Development Programme

Child Youth Development

73 326 young people reached through our Child Youth Development Programme

Career development

12 668 young people reached through our Career Development Programme

Work Placements

4 496 candidates in work placements

360° Social Support Initiatives

78 369 individuals reached through our 360° Social Support Initiatives


500 000 Primary Healthcare services provided

Food Parcels

71 000 food parcels

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No help too insignificant…



Afrika Tikkun has proven that it has the ability to reach sections of our disadvantaged population at grassroots level. It therefore provides both physical help, as well as giving hope and dignity to the recipients.”

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Corporate Partner

As one of our CSI focus areas - Youth inclusion and Education - is aligned with Afrika Tikkun's programmes, it remains a privilege to be partnering with a credible and well-reputed non-profit organisation like Afrika Tikkun, dedicated to the reduction of youth unemployment in the country.

Chief Rabbi

Cyril Harris

Recognising the moral imperatives governing human affairs, men and women of goodwill can face up to the challenge of our time and make the caring society a reality. So it was from that idea that the word Tikkun was used to start an initiative that would harness the energies of those committed to building a new South Africa.

How you can get involved

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We partner with businesses that choose to matter. Whether you’re an SME or large corporate, you can choose to donate funds to the value of your choice and support any one of our Afrika Tikkun Core and 360º programmes or any of our public campaign initiatives.


We help build your CSI status. As a business, fundraisers are an impactful way to build your corporate responsibility status, your industry reputation and your community upliftment. Afrika Tikkun invites you to access our collaborative fundraising opportunities through our GoFundMe channel. Your fundraising initiative extensively supports our youth development programmes while benefiting your company BEE status and Tax benefits.

Lead a campaign

Sponsored Marketing

Want to build your own kindness campaign? Let us partner with you from start to finish and support your unique public initiative with a customised campaign, engineered on our platform and branded by you. Leave the fuss to us while we collaborate with your ideas, guide you effectively and handle all the logistics.

Our Partners & Donors

Impact Stories

Don’t hyperventilate, educate!

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Some legacies are built on a Tuesday

A story forged on a Tuesday. That’s how it started. Two visionaries after the same rainbow – Nelson Mandela and Bertie Lubner, founder of Afrika Tikkun – met on the second Tuesday of every other month to discuss the love they both shared for their country, South Africa. What transpired was a deep seated friendship,