Madiba’s honourable involvement with Afrika Tikkun set Bertie and his team on a breakthrough path that began to support the restoration of people and communities in South Africa. Afrika Tikkun grew its philanthropy across South Africa and abroad, attracting the right donors and volunteers, with the right intentions. The way uTata would have wanted it. In a very fond letter, the late Nelson Mandela as the Patron-in-Chief, elaborated on how Afrika Tikkun’s projects demonstrated practically and sustainably what can be done with very limited resources. He attributed the work to great commitment and passion, a value system that has long since held Afrika Tikkun in solid stead. “With successful financial support Afrika Tikkun has the ability to reach our devastated population on a grassroots level,” said Madiba. And so, the legacy of Afrika Tikkun continues to build with the words of Madiba close at heart, and his great spirit deeply entrenched in our story of kindness.