Afrika Tikkun and 1on1 Math host young wizards at the annual Math Olympiad Competition

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Afrika Tikkun and 1on1 Math host young wizards at the annual Math Olympiad Competition

Published on: August 5th, 2022

Afrika Tikkun in partnership with 1on1 Math Khan Academy hosted brilliant young minds at our annual Math Olympiad Competition, on 5 June 2022 at the Houghton Hotel, in Johannesburg. The competition saw 60 of Afrika Tikkun’s young boys and girls, from our five Centres of Excellence in Alexandra, Braamfontein, Diepsloot, Mfuleni, and Orange Farm, competing in this year’s final. The final competition was a culmination of top performers from Grade 1 to Grade 12, beneficiaries of our Child and Youth Development (CYD) Programme at the Centres.

The focus for this year’s competition was based on content prescribed by the Department of Basic Education, used by the participants in both the semi-final and the final.

This year’s competition focused on each grade and not per phase like last year. The top performers for each grade represented their centre at the final competition. Additional practice material was provided to all grades through classrooms created by 1on1 Math at Khan Academy, they were available both in-person and online.

The collaborative initiative was designed with the purpose of:

  • Cultivating an interest in Math among registered learners
  • Improving the mathematical skills of participants through a team-based competition
  • Testing young people’s analytical and mathematical prowess

Although the government has spent more than the global average on education, schools remain under-resourced and teachers, persistently absent. According to a 2015 report, by Nic Spaull gauging child schooling, 68% of schools nationally, have no computer labs and 77% of public schools nationally, have no libraries. With the myriad challenges that are associated with poor school outcomes, such as a high rate of school dropout and grade repetition, there is an urgent need for targeted initiatives. One such initiative is Afrika Tikkun’s CYD After School Programmes (ASPs), which serve to curtail the limitations of poor school outcomes.

Afrika Tikkun and 1on1 Math host young wizards at the annual Math Olympiad Competition

The final interactive competition was one of the multiple initiatives designed to promote a platform that encourages knowledge generation and acquisition among young people. It presented a gamified approach where Mortal Kombat meets Mathematic problem-solving.

The winners from each Grade representing our different Centres won:

  • Tablets
  • Scientific Calculators
  • Math Instrument Kits
  • 100 Beads Abacus
  • Math Games
  • Stationary Pack
  • Bluetooth Headphones

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