Afrika Tikkun Bambanani Launches the BambaLearn App

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Afrika Tikkun Bambanani Launches the BambaLearn App

Published on: June 6th, 2023

Afrika Tikkun Bambanani Launches the BambaLearn App. At the launch of the BambaLearn App by Afrika Tikkun Bambanani (ATB) last night, expert insights were shared around the upskilling and training of teachers required to assess and monitor learner development. Simultaneously the programme is designed to facilitate teacher progression equipping them to screen for learning difficulties and arrange intervention, provide psychosocial support and monitor child growth and progress. The BambaLearn App aims to extend children on the curriculum ensuring that no child is left behind.

“The period from birth to six years old is the most vital stage of brain development for children and these informative years represent a crucial window of opportunity for education. The ATB programme is developed to ensure early childhood care and education that is truly inclusive. It is much more than just preparation for Grade 1, ECD is the foundation for emotional wellbeing and learning throughout life; and is one of the best investments a country can make as it promotes holistic development, gender equality and social cohesion,” shared the passionate ATB programme CEO, Theresa Michael.

Afrika Tikkun Bambanani’s mission & vision is to reach as many children as possible aged birth to six years of age across all rural and underprivileged communities of SA and to provide play-based learning through trained ECD teachers who will build a solid foundation for their education and overall wellbeing. The long-term vision is to standardise the ECD curriculum throughout SA to ensure that no child is left behind in terms of education which will lead to equal opportunity for all children in SA.

BambaLearn is an app that allows young children to develop their critical thinking and to reach their milestones through play. Created by experts, designed for (and loved by) children ages 2-6 years, this app ensures that age-appropriate milestones are reached through rigorous performance monitoring through games. These include a wide variety of educational puzzles, story books, numeracy activities, problem solving games, literacy, shapes, tracing, counting, letter and number recognition. This app ensures that no child is left behind by enabling stronger learners to work ahead and providing extra revision and repetition for weaker learners.