ECD Scale-Up: Testimonies from Our Principals

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ECD Scale-Up: Testimonies from Our Principals

Published on: July 9th, 2021

We received feedback from four of the ECD principals working alongside Afrika Tikkun and Rhiza Babuyile in Diepsloot, Gauteng. Below they share their experiences thus far, and reflect on the journey of growing their ECD centres and developing them into spaces of quality learning.

Abel Moreosele, Diepsloot Ext 9

Hope More Preschool started in 2018 with only 4 children, now has 49.

Abel said his inspiration and drive of starting a preschool started when he saw a child being hit by a car. He then decided to start a creche where people can bring their children also because most of the children have teenage moms. Abel started spreading the word to people in the community to bring their children and later gave his tenants a notice not to continue renting.

Abel who did his Level 3 training heard about the Rhiza Babuyile training from a word of mouth and decided to bring his four teachers.

How has the programme assisted you?

I can practice what I was taught. I have learnt more about developmental play, entrepreneurship, and how to raise funds. I didn’t know where to start when it comes to running an ECD centre, I couldn’t approach sponsors but now I can approach people and I know where to start.

We didn’t have a curriculum that the children can follow, now we know more and children are better trained. The training has also helped me with marketing my preschool. It has given me guidance and mentorship of running a preschool. I can approach people for fundraising and learned not be impatient. The training has given me hope not to give up.

Puleng Nyaile Level 4 Training

Thatohatsi ECD started in 2014, with only 6 children now has 48


Puleng was moved to start a preschool when her only child moved out of home to study further. She felt alone and when she saw children in her community running around she called them for meals. Parents around started sending her children. With only six children coming to her for care and only one child paying, Puleng didn’t run out of passion for taking care of the community children in the shacks she was renting out

How has the programme assisted you?

The programme taught me more on bookkeeping, admin and fundraising. I can now communicate well with parents and teachers as communications has improved. I can work on my budget.

We can now also identify children with special needs and take care of them. My admin work is well done and the documentation is formal. We can improve where we couldn’t. Children also have a safe place to go to.

I now have bigger dreams of giving quality education to children, I see myself having a private school one day. This training has made me think beyond.

Maria Mopereo

House of Glory Children Care Centre started in 2001

Maria’s disadvantaged background motivated her to start her centre. She is from the rural area and never attended creche – her father used to tell her that education for a girl child is not important as she will later get married. But that didn’t make give up on her dreams.

She started her creche with only two children, the number grew to 115 in her shack. Before COVID-19 started she had 115 children, after COVID-19 she only has 90 children. She heard about the ECD Training at a community forum.

How has the programme assisted you?

The programme helped me with how to do my admin work and how important it is to have my staff following all ECD protocols. I didn’t know a lot of things like exit forms for the children. We now do things properly. Being in class also helps me to understand myself better and knowing where to improve. I feel I have met people who have opened their hearts, and minds to transfer knowledge to equip others. I can now communicate digitally.  I also know the importance of using household unused items like boxes, papers and other things to be creative with the children – children were introduced to activities and they have a curriculum they follow.

Sinekiwe Dube

Kiddies Haven, started in 2018 with only 7 children and now has 41

Sinekiwe’s love for children helped her to start a preschool, parents used to ask her to baby sit their children and that gave her the inspiration.

Sinekiwe heard about the Rhiza Babuyile ECD training through a colleague and decided to join.

How has the programme assisted you?

The training was really beneficial for my development. I learned a lot of things like workshops, HR, fundraising and how to run our preschools. I also learned about child protection – children’s rights and their safety.

I didn’t know the formalities of running the centre – the contracts, registers, enrolment forms of the children and other important procedures. I learned more about what is needed to be complaint and that the staff members should be qualified. All my teachers undergo the training to be more equipped. The training was worth it – I love the coaching part of the programme. I see my preschool being the centre of excellence.