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Amogelang Ndlovu Story


Amogelang came to Afrika Tikkun with low social skills. She was timid, kept to herself, and showed little to no interest in class activities or outdoor play. With time, because of Afrika Tikkun’s Early Childhood Development (ECD) programme, Amogelang’s self-awareness has improved. She has shown social and emotional developmental milestones and the once quiet girl became the class’s most inquisitive learner. Amogelang loves Lego bricks because they enable her to build anything that she likes, and learn basic mathematics (counting) and the alphabet. She is able to respond to her teachers when she is being spoken to. She has developed high self-esteem and is progressing well with class activities and learning to be self-reliant.

Mokone Phidzaulima Story


Mokone joined the ECD programme like many of his peers, reserved and uncomfortable in a new environment. The fun and inviting class activities allowed Mokone to develop his social, emotional and cognitive skills. Mokone is always eager for theme discussions where the theme of the week is discussed with other learners. He has great leadership skills, which he displays by leading other learners in various activities. Mokone loves story time because it enables him to show his cognitive development by answering open-ended questions. He is able to read and count. He is developing a high self-esteem and progressing well in the classroom.

Mukundi Nthangeni Story


When Mukundi came to Afrika Tikkun, she was only able to speak and understand one language, which is Tshivenda. The language barrier made it difficult for Mukundi to interact with other learners and she was not willing to share the toys with others. She was also struggling in class when it came to crayon and scissors grip, as she had not attended any ECD before she came to Afrika Tikkun (Wings of life, Diepsloot). During morning ring time and through theme discussions the teacher asked open-ended questions and gave her the platform to speak, making her comfortable and increasing her confidence. She has developed a lot of confidence and enthusiasm and learnt to mingles with other learners. She started making friends and participating a lot in class and also started to help others. Since then, Mukundi has been  enjoying the programme through engaging in different activities and starting to make friends. With all the praises and encouragement, she developed all the important skills (such as fine, and gross motor skills, cognitive development, self-reliance and self-esteem). During Fantasy Play, she always mimics the teacher or an older person, highlighting her leadership skills.

Xolani Pheza Story


Xolani joined Afrika Tikkun in 2022 at the age of five in Grade R. Although he was eligible to be in Grade R, evaluations that were done in the programme suggested that he had developmental delays compared to his peers. He cried every day and struggled to participate in classroom activities.  With lots of interventions and engagements, teachers started to notice a difference. Due to the delays he experienced, his parents agreed to him repeating Grade R as he was not ready for big school.  With his experience in Grade R, Xolani has taken a leadership role in the class by showing his peers how activities are done and he is  always enthusiastic when answering questions. This highlights his knowledge and interest showing great strides in his social and emotional development.  Xolani is good at Maths and loves playing with Lego bricks, as he loves creating different objects every day.

Sanelisiwe Nkomo Story


The ECD programme has made a difference in Sanelisiwe’s life because she is now able to interact with her peers and she has developed socially and emotionally. Unlike when she arrived at the centre, where she was quiet and not responding to many lessons and activities taught. The teacher engaged Sanelisiwe in simple and very inviting activities to make her communicate better as well as build her self-confidence. Sanelisiwe enjoys free-choice activities and uses any opportunity to show interest in what she is doing. She has since become free in the classroom and started making friends with some of the learners in the class. Sanelisiwe enjoys reading storybooks (emergent reading) and that is where she has a lot of free time to engage with her peers and develop language skills in the process, by expressing her understanding of different previously read stories. Sanelisiwe now has a high self-esteem and self-reliance while progressing with daily class activities and continuously shows good listening skills.

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