Rorisang Mokoena

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Rorisang Mokoena

Published on: December 17th, 2019

Rorisang Mokoena (11 years old) began her journey with Afrika Tikkun when she was just

out of nappies, coming every day to the Early Childhood Development Programme. Today she is in Grade 4 and part of the Child and Youth Development Programme.

Rorisang has enthusiastically attended the centre ever since she joined; and in 2017, she became the youngest Peer Educator in the whole of Afrika Tikkun. She also received a CYD award last year for Best Academic Results.

“Being a peer educator has groomed me to teach my peers how to speak out whenever

they are facing abuse or any other issues at home and at school,” said Rorisang.

Rorisang is one of the best speakers in the Programme, and was chosen to represent

Arekopaneng Centre at Thetha FM to talk about bullying in schools.

One day, she would like to study Electrical Engineering, so that she can combat the

electrical issues faced by the Orange Farm community.