Sowing a seed today for others to reap tomorrow

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Sowing a seed today for others to reap tomorrow

Published on: August 13th, 2022

his Mandela Week, South Africa and indeed the rest of the global community will unanimously commemorate and honour the legend that is Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. Mandela Day, on 18 July, is a day dedicated to the service and upliftment of humanity and others. Nelson Mandela inspired the idea for Mandela Day during his 90th birthday celebrations in Hyde Park, London. He believed that everyone has the ability to make an impact. He posited that everyone could do something in their own way to change the world and the world of those around them.

This was especially true during the Covid-19 pandemic, where we were reminded of our humanity and that pain and suffering, love and happiness are all universal conditions. We can all attest to our collective vulnerability as a people and the realisation that we are all interconnected in more ways than not. Mandela Day is premised on this truth. The United Nations, in November 2009, officially declared Mandela Day to acknowledge Mandela’s values and dedication to the service of humanity and the struggle for international democracy and peace throughout the world. The ‘My 67 Minutes’ campaign is wholly synonymous with Mandela Day and encourages everyone to take 67 minutes out of their day – one minute for every year that Mandela fought for human rights and social justice – to do something for someone else or for their community.

This Mandela Day, under the theme, “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are”, we are reminded to be of service to each other. Regardless of one’s financial status or material wealth. Currently, we the people of the world have been thrust into the throngs of dire circumstances, including food insecurity, record-high gas and oil prices, and geopolitical uncertainty, to mention but a few societal and global ills. Thus, it is aptly fitting and appropriate that the Nelson Mandela Foundation’s focus, theme, and messaging year are based on community and home-based gardens. Thisis aimed at supporting fruit and indigenous tree planting and creating awareness of the intersections between food security and insecurity and climate change.

Since 1994, as the Afrika Tikkun Foundation, we have been addressing critical social needs. Our award-winning Cradle-to-Career (C2C) model invests in education, health, social services, skills development, and work placement opportunities for young people in our programmes. As an organisation whose work and service are premised on empowering young people in impoverished communities, caring and kindness are our main currency. As our late Patron-in-Chief, Nelson Mandela, we pride ourselves on being the embodiment of the values he espoused and lived by. We serve with honour, humility, and respect. Our impact is palpable in every community we serve.

Our Urban Agripreneurship Incubation Project simultaneously addresses two of South Africa’s most critical issues namely, unemployment and a lack of food security. The project is runin Diepsloot and Orange Farm in Gauteng and equips unemployed youth with the skills to launch their own agri-businesses. The objectives of the project are (1) an increase in the net incomes of Agripreneur graduates, (2) growth in sustainable and environmentally conscious farming practices, (3) improved township food systems, (4) improved township economies, and (5) greater access to nutritious food.

As part of the Mandela Day celebrations, we are hosting our 12th annual Afrika Tikkun Talent Day on 23 July. The day showcases the skills and talent of our children and youth, from our five development centres. It is a day of fun with music, sport and arts and culture.

In following in the footsteps of our iconic Patron-in-Chief and aspiring to achieve his ideals when he said: “It is time for new hands to lift the burden. It is in your hands now,” this Mandela Week let us forge ahead with what we have and where we are. Let us become catalysts in securing the future of those to come. Let us be reminded to sow continuously the seeds of hope, change, peace, and kindness. It is in our hands.

Take action to inspire change in the lives of one of our 3,500 children and youth from our Gauteng centres by donating R250 towards the day. Click here to donate.

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