Help us shape Kgabo’s world


Kgabo's Story


Kgabo Matli, a 16-year-old pupil at Alexandra’s KwaBhekilanga Secondary School, lives with his grandmother and younger sister. He views his family as one that is always there for him in difficult times and encourages him through every step of his life, especially academically. His grandma and Afrika Tikkun are his sources of support. If he needs assistance at school, he feels at ease asking Afrika Tikkun or his grandma for assistance. He studies Engineering, Design, and Graphics subjects at school to prepare for a job as an Automotive Design Engineer.


Kgabo's Dream


Painting and sketching are among Kgabo’s passions and hobbies, and they make him the happiest. As a result, his school subjects include EGD (Engineering, Graphic, and Design), which for him are subjects that will lead him to his dream profession as an Automotive Design Engineer.

He appreciates how the Afrika Tikkun Child Youth Development Programme (CYD) empowers and teaches him not only about his academics but also about areas outside of his studies. Afrika Tikkun has become a home away from home for him, where he is able to connect with different people and get fresh perspectives on life, because life does not end in Alex. He says, “There is a big world full with opportunities, and the CYD programme exposes you to many excellent ones”.

We are dedicated to provide Kgabo and other young people like him with well-rounded perspectives on life, which includes developing skills, classes that complement curriculum, empowering life skills, as well as nurturing and encouraging our youth’s aspirations.