About Afrika Tikkun

This led to the birth of the Circle of Care Model; now renamed the Holistic Development Model. This model develops competencies within South Africans living in townships and uses these competencies to deliver much needed developmental services to children and youth. The model takes children from early infancy to into young adulthood and into the world of work. This approach is what we refer to as Cradle to Career.


A sustainable future for children in South African townships.


Afrika Tikkun is dedicated to investing in education, health and social services for children, youth and their families through its community Centres of Excellence and strategic partnerships.


To Empower communities to develop new generations of productive citizens.

Desired Impact

  1. Children in ECD meet the normative developmental milestones and are school ready by Grade R
  2. Young people have knowledge and information on career and further learning opportunities
  3. The majority of AT youth complete matric (or an alternative pathway)
  4. Young people have access to further learning opportunities
  5. Young people have positive values and the ability to take responsibility for their own lives
  6. Young people are increasingly involved in community activities and take leadership roles
  7. Young people are able to successfully access and sustain employment or self-employment
  8. Young people are able to navigate the labour market
  9. Children and youth in the AT system are physically and psychologically healthy and food secure within their households and communities
  10. Children and youth in the AT system are supported to attain the principles of the Circle of Courage, including belonging (feeling safe, having a voice, feeling included, feeling cared for), mastery (self-confidence, competence), independence (informed to make healthy choices, ability to navigate context) and generosity (social cohesion, altruism, empathy and compassion)

Impact in 2013/14 Financial Year

  • Graduation of 300 Grade R beneficiaries and effective placement into primary schools.
  • Increase in Matric Pass Rate from 85% to 96% with over 30 distinctions and university acceptances
  • 50, 000 daily meals served to children, youth and families on an annual basis
  • 600 jobs created within local communities as local community members are skilled and empowered to deliver much needed services to their community
  • 386 youth skilled in career readiness training
  • 150 candidates placed in short term to permanent job opportunities
  • 15 youth who are graduates from the SD programme given the opportunity to embark on an intensive Enterprise Development Programme with 4 of them emerging with opportunity to start their own business.