Power packs for a new school year

Across South Africa, Grade One learners are about to embark on an important chapter in their learning journey. Anxiety and tears often accompany this new and daunting experience. However, kids who recently graduated from Afrika Tikkun’s Early Childhood Development Programme at Uthando Centre in Braamfontein, will be making their first confident step in style. On


The future of business

Charitable giving is not a new phenomenon. It has been embedded in most societies for centuries, although it is at different phases of maturity across the globe. This decade sees philanthropy and sustainability at a pivotal point… The Changing Face of Philanthropy The forever evolving geopolitical landscapes of countries, continents and the world have led


Calvin’s story

A young man decides to be his best self. Calvin Kamphinda, a young man of 15 years old, started attending Uthando centre in 2016. Coming from the inner-city of Johannesburg and raised in difficult circumstances, he adopted the violent behaviour he saw around him. He became a bully not only to his peers and classmates


Rorisang Mokoena

Rorisang Mokoena (11 years old) began her journey with Afrika Tikkun when she was just out of nappies, coming every day to the Early Childhood Development Programme. Today she is in Grade 4 and part of the Child and Youth Development Programme. Rorisang has enthusiastically attended the centre ever since she joined; and in 2017,


The Development Sector 2020

– by Onyi Nwaneri, Senior Executive Afrika Tikkun Afrika Tikkun is an NGO that is passionate about developing young people together with likeminded partners, through innovative and enterprising ways, to impact the economy of South Africa. Non-profits play a key role in filling the gaps of government shortfalls with regard to social services for citizens.


Bright Leader Awoken – Brutus Maake

Many give up once they fail. Not Brutus Maake. After failing Grade 9 in 2017, Brutus saw this as an opportunity to seek help. He heard about Afrika Tikkun from friends and decided to visit the centre and find out more. A a week later Brutus enrolled in the CYD programme. Two years into the


Is corporate citizenship the answer to youth unemployment?

According to the UN, there are 1.2 billion young people aged 15 – 24 years across the world, which accounts for 16% of the global population. They are almost three times more likely to be unemployed than adults and continuously exposed to lower quality jobs and greater labour market inequalities. In addition, it is young


The Young Winners of Afrika Tikkun’s Annual Spelling Bee

On Saturday, 26 October 2019 Afrika Tikkun hosed an annual academic competition – a Spelling Bee aimed at young people in their Child and Youth Development (CYD) programme aged seven to eighteen.   Amongst other interventions, the event serves to inspire learning and improve literacy. CEO of Afrika Tikkun Services, Onyi Nwaneri says, “Literacy is


Encouraging literacy spells a future of success for SA youth

During the month of October, Afrika Tikkun hosts two annual academic competitions aimed at young people in their Child and Youth Development (CYD) programme aged seven to eighteen. Amongst other interventions, these two particular events inspire learning and improves literacy by providing young people with a positive goal to work towards and a forum in


Hair, beauty graduates demonstrate skills

Cape Town – Thirteen girls from the Cape Flats graduated through the Afrika Tikkun strategic empowerment programme aimed at training disadvantaged youth for job and business opportunities. These girls, who graduated in hair and beauty, showcased the quality of their skills at a promotion at McQueens Salon in Sea Point on Tuesday. This project is