The African Child is at the centre of attention this Youth Day

International Day of the African Child is celebrated around the globe on 16 June each year in order to raise awareness around the ongoing need for government, institutions and NGOs to act on issues affecting vulnerable children across the African continent; most importantly, the improvement of education and the full realisation of the rights of African children. Every year a


Annual Alumni Day encourages SA youth to join the conversation

Annual Alumni Day encourages SA youth to join the conversation Afrika Tikkun alumni gathered in great numbers at the Metropolitan Building in Braamfontein on Saturday, 15 June to celebrate Youth Month and participate in a discussion around the importance of preparing for the unprecedented age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. CEO of Afrika Tikkun, Marc Lubner


Alumni June Newsletter

Alumni Day 15 & 21 June 2019 a moment we won’t forget and celebrating our youth month     Over 600 Afrika Tikkun Alumni gathered on the 15th and 21st of June as part of the annual, Alumni Summit. The events offered a seminar talk on the 4th Industrial Revolution and the discussion exploring the



“Focus! Are lunch breaks for wimps, or do they make us more productive? It is true that you can improve office performance simply by relocating the kettle or coffee machine? And what are Monk Mode Mornings and Hack Weeks? These and many more questions are investigated by Bruce Daisley in his new book, The Joy


Alumni Day Newsletter

What is the Alumni/ Career Day on the 15th June 2019? Over 600 Afrika Tikkun Alumni members will gather at the Reception Hall, Johannesburg in Braamfontein on their Alumni/ Career Expo on the 15 June 2019 from 9am-4pm. The event is made possible by the City of Johannesburg and Afrika Tikkun. The event will offer


Controlling the spread of infections

Proper hand hygiene protects children from tummy bugs and Diarrhea. On the 8th of May, Sister Pamela (Mfuleni’s health wellness nurse) held a three day hand hygiene awareness session with the ECD learners. The aim of this session was to educate the young ones on how to wash their hands thoroughly, get rid of germs


From Mfuleni to the City!

The Youth Parliament is an inequality awareness programme that aims in enabling the young people to express themselves when they feel that their rights are not being taken into consideration. The programme does this by giving them a weekly platform at the centre to raise their concerns such as human rights, service delivery and other