SOCIAL CAPITAL: WE ALL HAVE IT There is something in life called “social capital” – the people you know, the people who know you and circumstances under which you know each other. Quite unfortunately, people think or behave as though social capital is only needed at weddings and burials. We all know that person whom


WHAT’S NEW? Alumni Network 2020 This year, the Alumni Network is set to grow exponentially. 2020 marks the year we deepen our commitment to create an exciting movement that engages young people and harnesses your diverse voices across all fields of economic development.  We have a number of new offerings, such as the ‘Young Urban


Finish Strong: Insights from our CEO – Onyi Nwaneri Dear Beloved Alumni,  Thank you for choosing Afrika Tikkun as a partner in your life’s journey.  We are grateful for the opportunity to invest in your lives and to continue to be a part of your career development journey. When we launched the Alumni programme in

Alumni October Newsletter

CONNECTING YEAR 2019 & 2020 2019 will soon be drawing to a close. It is therefore a perfect time for Alumni members to consider planning for 2020 and building on what has been learned this year. From our side, we will continue to help our Alumni identify and remain open to opportunities that can advance

Alumni June Newsletter

Alumni Day 15 & 21 June 2019 a moment we won’t forget and celebrating our youth month     Over 600 Afrika Tikkun Alumni gathered on the 15th and 21st of June as part of the annual, Alumni Summit. The events offered a seminar talk on the 4th Industrial Revolution and the discussion exploring the